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Found 30th Jul 2017
I posted a long post and HUKD lost it so hear goes again.

I'm sick of our printer clogging and wasting ink or not working at all.

Do we get a cheap printer (if so what cheap printer- I don't want expensive ink) or do I just have the inconvenience of taking everything to the library?

I personally print very little (so little that the printer is at my parents as they use it more) they print about 5-10 sheets a month, often less, but at the moment are printing CV's so using it more (once a new job is found they will be back to the low printing).

I considered the cheapest HP instant ink option (£50 for printer the 15 sheets a month for the life of the printer) but reading the t&C's on that opting the pages do not roll over if unused and HP say they can withdraw the offer at any time.
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The HP deal does sound good if your a light user but as you say, they can withdraw the offer at anytime. If you don't mind secondhand, take a look at your local freecycle on the net ( search in Google ). There people give away unwanted items and I've seen printers laptops etc. All you need to do is collect it. You can also request items too. Hope this helps.
I'm stuck with the same problem - gave up on inkjet printer - the ink dried up too quickly between uses. The library is a pain because it takes longer to log on than to print the bits i need. I have heard laser printers are better as you then avoid issue of ink drying between uses. From what I have read so far, Brother laser printers are the most economical to run but I would also appreciate any input from more knowledgeable people !
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get a Samsung Lazer. 2rd party refills.

My first one lasted 6 years - I only gave it away as I got a new one for £39 which as smaller.

The old one is still working perfectly.
Totally agree with the above comment from Bobef90. Buy a laser printer with 3rd party toners.
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Ricoh do cheap laser printers for about £20ish every so often.
You could buy an HP printer roughly £30-40 then buy from Currys a HP Instant Ink Enrollment card - 50 pages for £1.99, then you pay £1.99 per month by direct debit.

You can log onto your account and keep an eye on your usage each month, pay for more pages if needed in any one month if you usage is higher than 50 pages. Cancellations I believe is 30 days as I recall (we used this last year and the total paid for printing and ink usage worked out at £24 for the year).

Product code: 096705
- Ideal for occasional printing
- Printer tells HP when to send new ink
- Ink is delivered to your door

Look around for the cheapest print.…tml…tml
HP printers are great, you can use copy cartridges from amazon which work out really cheap and I've never seen no problem with them and I've used them for 3yrs +
Just buy a cheap mono laser for about £30. It's cheaper to just bin the printer and buy a new one than buying new toner cartridges and ink is a joke if like me you print rarely. Nothing worse than an inkjet flushing ink out just to unblock the nozzles.
Another vote for the laser printer route. My Dell 1250C is still on one of the original colour cartridges and I picked it up in June 2012. I go through phases of needing it a lot and then months of not. It's been sat idle for 6 months now and I know it will power on, cycle and print when I next need it and be ready to go. I will never buy an ink based printer again as frankly if I need photo printing I'll go to places online and use one of the many deals going on to get them. If I need a few images urgently loads of places do photo printing including many of the local supermarkets. However, I'm not aware of any times I've needed to access photo quality printing in a hurry, only ever CV's or other documents that need to be sent off on A4 in B&W.…396

That was the deal that made me take the plunge. Less than £20 for a full set of toners (which I've still not fully used up). A black only printer would likely be cheaper but the deal at the time was what sold it for me.
Thanks for replying people.

I've also added this into my considerations today,…417 £50 mono laser printer from Brother.

Thanks for replying people.I've also added this into my considerations … Thanks for replying people.I've also added this into my considerations today, £50 mono laser printer from Brother.

There are lots of cheap laser printers around. If you don't need colour for your CVs then a mono one is perfect, as it doesn't have inkjet to get blocked. For your low usage toner is not that much of a consideration either, so just get the cheapest you can find on special offer.
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