Printer power cables

    Does anyone know where I can find a power cable for a HP Deskjet F2180 printer?
    The only one I've found sofar is £25 and the printer only cost £30.


    uh....... they're kettle leads arnt they? if not they're the ones which look like the infinity sign.. which again you can get them anyway on the cheap.. try ebay.

    I have this printer at home and im pretty sure the power cable is nothing special....


    my hp deskjet printer 3325 has just died you can have the power cable if it will fit its got 3 small holes all in a row if its any good let me know

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    The printer lead I'm looking for is something like that.
    summerset21 is this the one you have?

    it has the same 3 hole adapter on the end. it says on the battery ac power adapter 0950-4198 for use with IEC 60950 products only dont know if it is any good for you .
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