Printer ran out of black, need to print asap. Epson.

Posted 4th Oct 2022 (Posted 19 h, 11 m ago)
Hi, my Epson xp 6105 printer has ran out of black ink and I need to print some documents asap.

It also has another black ink marked PB which I think stands for photo black, there is loads of this left. Can anyone advise how I can use the printer to print with this.

Tried adjusting settings to print colour /grayscale to no avail. Can't seen to find a workaround online either. Whenever I try to print the printer refuses and says it's out of black ink.
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    Amazon prime has lots of inks with next day delivery.

    For example:…0Ph

    Alternatively if you live near Huddersfield you can use my printer as I hardly use my 500 free prints anymore.
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    Found this on the Web but not tested it my self.

    Go to Control PanelClick on ‘Printers and Devices’Select your printer brand and right click on it to open the drop-down menuClick on ‘Properties’In the Ink Set click the ‘Color’ optionIf the black ink cartridge is empty, you have to click on the ‘color’ set optionClick Apply

    If you ran out of black ink from your Epson Printer, these are the easiest steps to run the printer with monochrome. (edited)
    Doesn't seem to work for me. Can't get the printer to work with no black ink in
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    I know with my hp that if I remove the black cartridge it can still print
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    Change the font colour in your document to darkest blue and then print.
    Or go to your local library armed with your documents stored on USB memory stick. My library charges 10p per page.
    In the old days, people used to ask their neighbours for a cup of sugar - but this won't help you in this situation but maybe your neighbour has the same printer as you with spare ink cartridge or perhaps will let you print on their printer.
    Another idea - send the documents to a friend electronically and get them to print for you.
    And another idea…ail

    And of course all of the ideas above assumes you tried "how to print without black ink on an epson printer"…er/ without success. (edited)
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    When printing it should tell you that black is low and that it can save black ink by making composite black ink through the other ink cartridges, don't know if you have gone past this stage already
    Yes the cartidge is emtpy and i didnt get that choice at all. ive tried a few workarounds that have always worked in the past. but it doesnt seem to work on this printer. If there is no black cartridge the printer will not allow me to do anything. if the cartridge is in and empty it just bombards me telling me to replace it. quite annoying knowing that there is a full photo black cartridge next to it. Im defeated.