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Found 3rd Oct 2008
I need a relatively cheap printer (£50 or less!) with cheap ink cartridges, but doesnt eat them all!

I am at the end of my tether with my Epson DX8450! I bought it for my university course but have went through 3 boxes of cartridges (black and colour!) just doing head cleans! I cant print anything.

Can anyone please recommend me a decent one which can let me print out my coursework?

Have emailed PC world about my disappointment with my epson as ive only had it 2 months!

Help would be great!
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thats a fault, not normal, take it back, an email will get you nowhere. I know!!

I have a hp psc- a 1200 i think, older one anyway, but the cartridges are around £12 mind you I've only had to change them once.

perhaps go to whs and look at the cheapest cartridges then find the printer?
Take it back get it replaced or money back.

Then get a B&W laser printer for uni as it will save you loads of money, I would guess if you need the odd colour page you could get it printed at the university for a small charge.

Ebay No: 230297570556

Looks like this site blocks Ebay links.
I use an Epson DX3800, takes four cartridges but compatibles are as cheap as chips and lasts me ages, I bought 4 boxes of colour (12 Carts) and 2 boxes of black (8 Carts) a couple of YEARS ago and I havent even used all off them yet.

For the 20 Cartidges back then it was £25 delivered...lol.

Epson are getting smart to the compatibles market and making a lot of their newer machines so that they will only accept original Epson Cartidges in order to keep the price up for their ink carts.

If its mostly B&W you print in then a cheap laser printer should last you a while. Like the one the other replies shows, these are a good Samsung make and only about £40 brand new.

If its colour you print mostly then a printer that accepts cheap compatilbles is the key there.

Good luck!
Yes , I agree . Dont waste your money on inkjet cartridges especially if it's for mainly black print . Buy a laser printer .Pick a few cheapys and before you buy , check out the prices of the replacement toners . Then buy the printer with the inexpensive toners . I have had a Samsung ML-1440 for years now , no colour , but is ideal for printing my invoice and advice notes .Works very well.
I had the same problem with my Epson DX8450. I took it back to Currys after having it for about six months when the black slowly stopped printing? Currys offered me a replacement direct through Epson; I refused stating I despised the machine and felt let down by Epson's former quality! We agreed on a Giftcard which, I am happy with! The carts on this machine cost me alot more than the actual machine and I had not even printed 100 sheets max (no-photos) in 6-months of use!

An employee at Currys informed me that these printers (DX8450) along with similar Epsons were bought back for repairs like non other???
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