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    Hi all,
    I'm looking for a printer for home, but i want one with a scanner/photocopier thing. Off course it needs to be as cheap as possible.

    I dont know much about printers, so an hints/prices would be great. I'm trusting HUKD member to get me the best printer deals


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    Whatever you do dont buy a Lexmark, get yourself an Epson All-In-One that can take compatibles. You should be able to pick one up for around £30 new and the ink is as cheap as chips.

    I have a DX3800 AIO, had it almost 3 years now and only ever used compatibles. Excellent Copier, Scanner and Printer (mostly letters etc). Ink, I bought several sets of colours and blacks about 2 years ago for circa £25 and I still have loads left....

    lol yeah dont buy a lexmark i have got a epson in fact we have two epsons great printers

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    thanks for the comments..anybody know of any good deals at the moment? budjet is about £150...... so dont mind spending more to get a good quality one! thanks!

    you could get a solid gold printer for that amount!!

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    you could get a solid gold printer for that amount!!

    so what would be a good solid printer?

    I have a HP which is good and easy to use but I also bought the Canon Pixma which was advertised on here and am most impressed with the onscreen instructions and what you can do with it!!!
    Both ones are kinda cheap right now.
    Why would you wana spend £150 on a printer tho?:?


    I've just ordered a Epson Stylus SX405 WiFi all In one from amzaon for £68.80 which seemed a pretty good price for a WiFi printer.

    Hoping it's a good printer at a good price sure someone on here will say otherwise if not... Probably not much good to you if you're not interested in Wi--Fi though.


    Search this site for printers and you will find a few offers and discussions going on, including the Epson in the post above which is what I am currently researching at £69 with delivery within 3 to 5 weeks from Amazon.

    For that budget seriously think about a laser printer. Ok the initial expense will seem alot, but think toner will last much longer!!



    Don't buy a cheap £30 one. Invest around the £100 mark as the cartridges on the £30 ones are more expensive than the printer itself.

    As anyone seen this at the price listed previouslyEpson Stylus SX405 WiFi of £68.00?
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