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    My old epson is shot. I'm looking for a replacement. I mostly want to print photos, but also want to print on cd/dvds. Also, I'd like to avoid paying over £15 for cartridges. Any recommendations most welcome. :thinking:


    Have a look at the labs test on budget printers (Oct06) at this usual Epson come out crap whereas HP/Canon are best

    I think that the best cartridge price and ervice is from [url][/url]. When think that you are going to buy a printer check out th website and see how much the cartridges cost first before buying. Hope this helps.

    Epsons really are not made to last, not if you do a lot of printing anyway. Look in any small to medium office, see any Epsons anywhere? What do you see? HP's.


    Epsons really are not made to last, not if you do a lot of printing … Epsons really are not made to last, not if you do a lot of printing anyway. Look in any small to medium office, see any Epsons anywhere? What do you see? HP's.

    Sorry but I disagree. I have Epson 640 (anyone remember these?) bought 8 years ago and it is still going strong. Then I had 680, which was rubbish and died after 3 years of abuse. Now I have RX425 and use it quite heavily (photos, everyday printing, scanning, copying, etc) for more than a year.
    As to HP - they are very strong in laser printing, but IMHO if you want to get good reliable inkjet you need to look at Canon or Epson, then HP.
    BTW, in our office all printers are Xerox but their inkjets are rubbish.

    I was a printer engineer. I could go on and on about how epsons and canons work, then how HP's work. Can tell anyone categorically, epsons are made to break at a certain point. HP's break when they physcially don't wanna play ball anymore. Epsons have set life in them, they break when they reach that set life. Not so much in the Stylus Colour range, but deffo in the C and R range.

    Epsons give a good bang for the buck. However, if your going to pay above 60 quid, I would look at HP every time.

    Epsons have an ink spoonge in them and a counter. It counts the ink drawn into the sponge, when the sponge *thinks* its full, it throws a strange error message, Epson then say they will service it for you, for about 65 quid. You pay postage both ways too.

    HP's also have an ink well, but you can scrape the conjeeled ink out and carry on.

    The ones with the 6 or 8 carts in are even worse, replace a cartridge and it draws ink from every single one of them on the cleaning cycle. If you pull the tube out of the printer that draws the ink, and let it flow into a jar, its scary how much gets drawn from the carts on a cleaning cycle. A good few ml's is pumped out.

    Anyway, I'll stop sounding nerdy. But I would reccomend HP, even though the cartridges are a bit more expensive. HP'sstuck to its technology for a good reason.

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    Thinking about getting the canon pixma ip4200, but the price of cartridges seems high. Where's the compatibles? Also, reading reviews the epsons don't seem to have the quality of canon/hp.

    OK, I am not going to argue with printer engineer as I know virtually nothing about printers.
    I just stating my own experience here.

    Don't want to comment VNU test either. I simply don't trust any gloss magazine review, sorry. If Tom's Hardware would review it, then it could be trusted. IMHO, of course.

    Anyway, back to subject. The Canon IP4200 seems to be a great printer, getting favourable ]review from THG. As to cartridges, I am not sure if that's the cheapest (probably not), UKDVDR got it for 2.79 each (compats).

    LOL not arguing. Just saying they aint the best mechanically. Also, the paper feeders seems to get worse over time. Epsons are good printers otherwise, photo quality etc.
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