In the past I've had several Epson deskjet printers. On each of them, after only a few days of not being used the ink seems to 'dry up' and I get lines in the print.

    Cleaning the cartridge just wastes a ton of ink and repeated prints also wastes ink and still tends not to clear the problem.

    I need to get a new printer and given the previous problems I have had I'm reluctant to do so.

    Is this something that the Epson deskjet has or will this happen on all inkjet printers?? I don't want to waste money on a printer that's only going to last a few months...



    they all do it, get a colour laser printer

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    Bit expensive mate!

    ink works out for cheaper than an inkjet anyday, thats why businesses use them

    If you can find a HP D7360 on Ebay grab one, cheap carts and when it does a head clean it actually recycles it back into the cartridge so its not wasted like on most printers, and it automatically does this after a certain time has lapsed to stop it drying out

    2 sets of ink cost me around £12 on Ebay thats for 12 carts and the ink seems to last ages and ages

    If all you want it B+W as above go for Laser



    Bit expensive mate!

    been posted as deal before now…0cn

    you'll spend £100's on ink before you get anywhere near the page count you get with this
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