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Found 1st Oct 2006
just come back from travelling around the world for 10months and have aorund 2000 to 4000 pictures (need to sort them out) to print off from cd's and memory cards for me and then copy for my partner so would be looking at around 5000 photos what would be the best deal and cheapest for prints dont mind doing in person or online and can use cashback sites as well cheers
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For the cost of printing all these off wouldn't it be better to get one of those photo display things to hang on your wall? Or a good sized archos media player to display them on? then just print out the best ones for a framing etc



Last link to examples of digital frames.
i would be wanting to put them in a book that we got for the travelling pictures like a little journal
I think if you are certain you want 5000 say 6x4 prints you will be looking at about 5p per print, so £250. Photobox will do 6x4 prints for 5p/print if you order >500.


Pixmania do smaller prints for 3 or 4p for over 1000.

Format 6x4" From the first photo up to 500 £ 0.06
From the 501st to the 1000th £ 0.01
Perhaps they will do an even cheaper deal for the 1000th up.:)
They also have a printed album offer.

I think they are based in Belgium and haven't use them myself but here are 2 reviews:
One bad, one good. Perhaps best to ask on the forum if anyone else has used them.

With that amount of prints, other sites will probably do a similar deal.
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