Printing on a flag?

    Hi there
    Basically I have a huge England Flag, which I want to have printed on. Is there anywhere, which will print onto my flag or any way to do this myself.

    Searching has yielded little results. I've looked at iron on thing but nothing seems to fit the bill.

    The flag is 10ftx6ft and looking for words and a football crest to be put onto it!



    poundland do Iron on transfers that go onto tshirts that might do? or i am sure any printers that do tshirts would be able to do it for you..

    Cheapest would be cut out letters and paint the message on.

    We have a local shop that takes clothes up and dry cleans. they also put any transfers onto anything you want. What area do you live? Try altering shops.

    Ah, I see youre not near me, try clothes altering shops, thats what this one does mainly.

    hi mate there use to be a place on clough road just over the bridge on your righ hand side forgot now what it was called
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