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Found 22nd Mar 2009
What is the best deal for printing services, I need to print off up to 1000 flyers, in colour, soon. Which companies are good or which companies have offers on at the moment? Thanks

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I use this company, The Print Room.
Call them tommorrow morning for a quote, speak to Denise on 01233 211555 or email them through what you want on printroom@bptms.co.uk
They specialise in quick turn arounds.
hope it helps.

Depends where you are located!

We use this company for our hotel printing.


Hi there I used a company called handyprint , got 5000 A4 colour flyers for £70, HOWEVER they to a few weeks to turn up and I did have to chase them,please bear that in mind.They took care of the artwork ,and did a very good job though......

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am not gunna print 1000 colour flyers at home. End of.

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Oh and i'm in Bath



Sorry to hijack the thread slightly, but Im looking for printing services too, only for some manuals that I have and want printed and bound. Single copy jobs and for personal use, so cheap as they come. Any ideas?


in colour, it gonna be more expensive.

Staples, don't know how much but it's a start.

Yellow pages, google (there are loads listed for Bath). Got to be somewhere local.
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