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    looking to print stickers at home bulk load once a week whats the best way to do this like software and printer that will do this any advice please

    need to look something like this ebay link i just need to change the wording and pictures each time…040?var=&hash=item4b02180220:m:mcFI0NmZ71uOzq2ACcqZ3Ow


    all stationers sell sheets of a4 labels,
    virtually any printer will print on them,
    I did some a few years ago for a charity, I think I used open office or ms works,
    you want a printer with low ink prices,

    Printer choice will depend on the amount you're printing. If your bulk load is 5 sheets then a very different printer will be your best choice than if your bulk load is 5000 sheets.

    Yea it depends what stickers you need, I print sheets of address and no fold labels just by using an online form but you can add images to it.

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    so the stickers iv go is these ones 37mm each round sticker iv got 3 printers so i think one will work.
    so dose any one know software that will allow me to edit text and pictures as i would need to change this every time its also got to aline to print with in the stickers please.

    software that allows me to do what these guys on ebay are doing

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    You can use the label function in MS Word or another word processor. You will waste a lot of sheets until you get it exactly right, then you can save the document as a template. You must use the same printer each time as each printer has different margins. If they are inkjets you might find problems with ink smudging on the labels and the ink runs if the label gets wet.
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