Prison break cancelled

    About time too, they should have ended it after the 13th episode like they were supposed to.

    Anyway for anyone still watching it, it returns in the US in April for either 4 or 6 more epsiodes where the story will be wrapped up.


    I watched this up to the first escape.
    That was hard enough to believe, but then I gave up.
    Didn't realise it was still going.
    Perhaps they could merge it with lost somehow. Would be just as believable.


    I've watched it all the way through and the first series was by far the best. It has been dragging recently with all the Scylla rubbish. Good TV show but it is about time it was wrapped up. I can see a spin-off happening though if it does finnish.

    Got to be honest love prison break, but it is dragging a bit! Bit gutted at least I have heroes, lost, 24, bring on another season of soprano's!

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    It will probably be all over google by now

    EDIT: First hit on google…tml

    I absolutely loved the first series, but was disappointed they didn't end it there. second was ok, struggled to half way through 3rd and the rest, plus season 4 is in my planner waiting to be watched, has been for months lol


    Watched the first series.
    Couldnt see how it was going to keep going tbh
    Oh right ok lets goto another prison..put the other one in and ohhhhhhhhh god its like watching a re run of Eastenders

    Noooooooooooooooooooo way!!! Thats the only thing I watch!!!

    Will we get to see the last few episodes on SKY here? (links blocked at work typically)

    This season is an improvement on last time round but it should have finished weeks back when they finally picked up Scylla.

    S1 > S2 > S4 > S3 :thumbsup:

    Also loved the first series. Have fond memories of it as it got me through my quitting smoking phase (one of the few pleasures I had at that time). Didn't miss a single episode and was happy to leave it at the end of the first series. Saw a couple of the 2nd but it just wasn't working for me anymore. And too many random females when it was always about the hot guys


    oh well LOST FTW
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