Private Healthcare

    I'm looking at getting some private medical care and I was wondering what companies people would advise and also how much your premiums are?

    I've just spoken to a bloke selling a policy for National Friendly has anyone heard/dealt with them?

    Oh and I'm 25, don't smoke with no long term illness.


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    The only thing I would say about private health care is don't do it. They don't have intensive care at private hospitals......

    I have BUPA, not sure how much it costs but they are hassle-free and pay the hospital directly. Only issue is with operations they only cover £xxx for an anaesthetist and the several ops I have had every one has been more than the allowance and I have had to top up by £100 or so which I think is cheeky.
    I have cover for things like an osteopath for back aches too which is good.
    I have also heard good things about PPP so maybe check them out as well but I haven't heard of National Friendly so can't comment on that, sorry.
    If you like going to the gym then some private health insurers have deals with gyms that you get cheap membership in the idea that if you go to the gym you are less likely to get sick so it might be worth checking that out.
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