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Found 21st Aug 2017
I want to buy a private number plate off eBay. Its £30 and then I will have to pay a £80 fee to get it put on my car. My question is, is the private number plate leased or will I own it forever?

Additionally can I just keep the number plate in paper form for a year or two before I put it on my car?
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Once it's on a car, there are no additional fees.

If it's not on a car, you've got 10 years before you'll need to renew your documents. I don't think there is a charge for this since they removed the £25 annual retention fee in 2015.

If you change car, you'll have to pay £80 to move it over to the new car.
dont foreget to inform your insurance company too! private plates are great if you tintend to keep the car for a long time, but a pain in the backside if you change your car frequeently or use a lease car etc......
Thought you might. Private number plates are real classy!
It's leased to you until you decide you don't want it or other circumstances. I believe you must have it allocated to a car at all times unless under 'retention'. It previously was that if you wanted to hold your plate you'd pay a retention fee for them to still keep it assigned to you.
Like most things in life it's technically not owned by you it's just an assignment of a number for you to use on the vehicle of your choice (within reason!! )
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