Private Plate Query

    Im about to buy a private plate this afternoon, but i need a few questions answered before i do....

    Ive got 2 cars, dont want to put it on my old car as im sharing it with my mum, and she aint gona want to drive around with my name on the car.

    And, ive got quite a new plate on my new car, so dont want to put it on that for 6 months or so cos im a snob and want people to see it
    And besides, im waiting for my documents on the car so cant tax it yet anyway, so its not roadworthy.

    So, my question is, can you buy a plate but not put it on a car? Is there a time where you can just leave it off i.e but it now and put it on a car in 6 months?


    yes you can put the plate on whats called a "retainer" - this keeps the registration number registered to yourself in the meantime and then you can transfer it to the car at a later date.

    Visit DVLA website for more info


    Forgot to mention there will be a fee....

    she has a brand new car and a private plate, im sure a little fee wont bother her:p :giggle:

    Show off :giggle:

    Lol - what are you getting it saying?
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