Private sector payroll consultation for contractors

This is a purely tick box exercise so I will not waste time and effort.

MPs can still commit expenses fraud on an eye watering scale but contractors will be taxed as employees and still not enjoy the employee rights on bullying, abuse, dismissal, holiday, unemployment, training etc etc
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I often wonder why we pay so much tax (Or why do we need so much taxes to pay for so many public related services workers to service others). According to this United Kingdom (UK) HMRC income tax receipts from fiscal year 2000/2001 to fiscal year 2016/2017 (in million GBP) ,

which shows circa £180,000m income tax receipts, there are about 30m workers earning money, therefore it is £6,000 income tax per person. Those who earn buckets of money pay much more tax than those on zero hours.

The thing is, the average income is £26,500 per year. Using the principle of averages as a base reference, how come £26,500 workers is allocated a £6,000 in income tax burden (and on top of this VAT, Car tax... the 30 or so other taxes)?

This source HMRC Tax Receipts and National Insurance Contributions for the UK

confirms in 2017 that total income tax is £180,758m and total tax recceipt as £591,444m...

There are 66 million people including Scotland and NI.

This means circa £9,000 tax per head of population (including pernsioners and babies etc.) BUT if I take into account that there are 30 million people "wage" or self-employed earners, I could calculate an average of 66X£9,000/30 = £19,800 taxes, compare this with the average income of £26,500 as aforementioned per head.

Therefore, I wonder why Mr. Average of £26,500 income needs an average services of £19,800 worth to maintain him/her (paid for by tax) in work? Why does a worker needs 75% more of public and public outsourced agencies as resources?!

I know we need teachers, doctors and nurses, local council officers etc.. If I assume 50% of £19,800 to be for equipment costs, 50% for labour, then how come Mr Average £26,000 incomes needs £ £9,900 other people's labour to support him/her?

Namely, put this another way , 1 full time worker need 0.38 other full time worker worth to maintain him/her. This concept that I am writing here is generally known as the public sector economy is as big as the private economy in the news headlines.

If I were to go back to rural England of the past, how can a village full of farmers and agricultural workers sustain a third to a half of the people in the village to do public related services?! I have never read in history books that 50% of villagers did support services for 50% of fellow villagers in farming. One couldn't possibly count 50% of villagers as doctors, nurses, teachers, soldiers, road repairers, infrastructure.. and we have today automation and machines to gain such vast productivity increase.

Even more provocative is that if I assumed a hypothetical situation where the food to live is chicken meat to simplify the lifestyle calculation equivalence (since a person live mainly needs food, sex, roof over head and some welfare services), how come one chicken farmer rearing thousands of chickens (60-90 days from chick to slaughter) feeds 0.38 of another person, Surely, this 0.38 person who does public services could not possibly eat about 38% of that quantity of thousands of chickens per year to do the public services for that one farmer, the farmer can only eat a chicken or two a day?! What has happened to the labour effort of that one farmer producing far in excess of what s/he needs? Likewise, if I assume everyone makes vaccines, the other 0.38 person couldn't possibly consume all the vaccines made, if I assume everyone made shoes, the other 0.38 person couldn't possibly wear so many shoes...and so on. What I am saying is, if half of the population were to be making goods and services, the "38%" to half couldn't possibly consume all the gross national product! Where has the money gone?
Is ir35 still a thing?
Uranus19th May

Is ir35 still a thing?

Very much. They are making it more prominent via this consultation
still having trouble setting up an account on the Govt Gateway - they don't make things easy
joesmum10 h, 7 m ago

still having trouble setting up an account on the Govt Gateway - they …still having trouble setting up an account on the Govt Gateway - they don't make things easy

try having multiple accounts, and trying to remember which-is-which. now they demand a stupid SMS to login. So, you are trying to login, and the SMS isnt received. Yeah. Right.
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