Private Selling on Hotuk, Is it safe????

    I notice a lot of private for sale items come up here on hotuk.

    Does anyone have any experience of this. I imagine unlike ebay there is no protection for either the buyer or the seller if something goes wrong.

    Possible scenarios:
    Buyer pays for item via paypal, but dishonest seller nevers sends item.

    Buyer hacks someone elses paypal account to pay for an item and asks seller to post to a different address. Seller posts item, then gets emails from real account holder looking for a refund.


    I take it you've not really read the FS rules?

    u gotta make a thread no private selling allowed

    If you want to stay safe on the FS/FT board:

    - Check the seller's/buyer's feedback (be aware of members who have only registered recently and have little/no feedback. If you use eBay, I'm sure this is second nature to you anyway.
    - Don't use 'Paypal gift' unless you can trust the seller. If unsure, use normal Paypal (like you would for eBay. If you use normal Paypal, you are covered if the item doesn't turn up. You are not covered if it is not as described though)
    - Ask for pictures (and ask that they include a piece of paper in the picture with their username written on it. This shows they at least have the item in their possession and allows you to assess the condition of it.

    Anyone else have anything to add?

    oldmanhouse2010 23

    Anyone else have anything to add?


    I find this site being called 'hotuk' oddly annoying....


    What's odder is that OP has been a member 2 years ... is this a windup?
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