Prize on offer!

For the first person to find me a tumble dryer that, in order or priority:

- Looks good
- Has LED's or a digital display
- Doesnt't require a mortgage to run
- Irons clothes for me (in effect)
- Dries clothes

I haven't thought of what the prize is yet, open to offers on that one too!! Simply haven't got time to be looking, and half the sites are locked down at work!

Getting slightly annoyed at wearing wet clothes! Spent nearly a day drying my work trousers, put them on and they were still sticking to me and wet, and had to go to work like it! Had the fan's on in the car at such force trying to dry myself that my eyes were burning out!

As you can see, I need help!


Hard to find a digi one that looks nice in a resonable price bracket

Here is one for you to look at



or this for an extra £14


Do you want a condenser or vented model grdesign...the former is more expensive.

I hear the White Knight brand are made by Bosch so you may consider that if you're on a tight budget.
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