Prize winning, what to do.

    I just won a pair of VIP suite tickets for a sold out boxing match probably worth nearly £1000 for 2 (food and drink included ) and I have to contact them by tomorrow morning.

    The problem is my husband is away on that day and I have no one to go with.

    To be honest, I'm not interested in the match at all apart from VIP treatment aspects.

    Tickets are not transferable or if I forfeit I don't get anything.

    I thought about selling other half's share on eBay but that will involve with meeting up with the buyer which is awkward and arranging it is a pain in the bottom.

    What would you do? Please give me some input. Thanks.


    If the tickets are none transferable how can you sell one on ebay ?

    I'd take a mate..

    Sell it for charity

    How would they know it's not you?
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    Ring your local radio & get them to do a charity auction

    is it Tyson Fury ?

    oops sorry -not advice
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    Well first step would be to agree to take the tickets unless you literally have no one who would go with you and you have no interest in going alone.

    Second step would be to figure out exactly what makes them non-transferable. Most tickets have this clause, and many venues threaten to cancel re-sold tickets, but in reality nothing much stops you. You could always sell them to friends/colleagues/neighbours (for much less than market value), on the basis that if they claim they weren't allowed entry, you would trust them enough to give them their money back. Or it may be simply that you're not allowed to sell the tickets publicly, in which case you could give them to a friend or something. However if one of the conditions is that you agree to do an interview with the promoter or take photos during the event or something like that, obviously that means you would have to go. You'll have to figure that out before you can decide what to do next.

    I never understand why people enter competitions for something they either don't want or can't attend. Yeah, the prize can sometimes be sold, but why not leave it to be won by someone who might genuinely want it and be able to use it?

    Just go and enjoy the VIP treatment etc. You might even enjoy the fight.

    go with a friend and enjoy the once in a lifetime experience. Even if you don't like boxing,
    just go for the experience and if its not for you, concentrate on the food and drink. X)

    Defo go bring a friend. Will be an amazin experience im not a fan of rock for example or cabaret etc but id go to a big live event as its totally different

    Whos fighting il go with you lol

    Contact the promoters and explain what has happened ...'husband called away - can't make it'...etc, say you will be bringing a friend.they will understand, they have nothing to gain from denying you the prize ( except bad publicity) and everything to gain from giving you the prize ( good publicity - the reason behind the competition, and your goodwill).
    As for who to take - do you want to make money but be uncomfortable with a stranger, or enjoy a great night out with a friend?

    Donate them to raise money for a charity then the promoters will have no objections to avoid adverse publicity - you feel good charity benefits and tickets go to someone who wants to go?

    Well you don't want them so tell the company that so they can give them to someone who will appreciate going.
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