Pro Evo 2010 & Forza 3 Set To Go Cheap in Tesco?

    just heard that Pro Evo will be 30 euro in irish tesco stores tomorrow, so if Uk stores are also doing the offer it may well be under £25 (fifa 10 was 35 euro in irish stores & £25 in uk)

    Forza 3 will be 40 euro in Irish stores, so may well be £30 in UK stores

    of course the UK prices are speculative and not yet confirmed, just thought it worthy of a heads-up


    Do games go up for sale at midnight in 24hr Tesco's? If so, it'll only be an hour and a half before you find out...;-)




    Please let it be true

    Moved to Misc for the time

    thought tesco were gonna do pro evo for 31 quid?

    Totally forgot about this, how comes there was no ads in newspapers?

    Making me think it'll be normal price

    Would love to know the price for Forza??

    Anyone picked up a copy yet?


    Anyone picked up a copy yet?

    gonna go 2morrow morning so i'll check then lol

    Any Update??

    Were all waiting for somone to pop down to tesco's lol

    subscribed... for forza 3

    Ok, i have phoned my local big 24 hour tesco and PES is £32.71.They scanned it on tills so i dont know where the above price came from!! Also they supposably didnt have Forza 3 and it is not on the whole of Tesco Database so they said ' We wont sell that then' so i said, what any stores and they said if any store was selling it then it would be on the system. What omplete and utter rubbish!! I was on phone for over 30 mins trying to find out, they were useless and have never even heard of the games!!!

    Sorry All i did attempt to find out!!

    Cheers fella :thumbsup:


    Cheers fella :thumbsup:

    No problem!! What a waste of £5 of my mobile credit!!!

    pro evo is £29.71 at asda :thumbsup:


    pro evo is £29.71 at asda :thumbsup:

    Just got it and wooot :thumbsup:

    Anyone got a price for Forza 3?

    just rung them up and they said its 37.10 (or something around that mark)

    think il give asda a ring now
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