Pro Evo 6

    Hi 1st post here
    looking to buy the xbox 360 version of pro evo 6 for as cheap as possible but need to get it on day of release this friday as is for a gift PLEASE HELP!!


    cheapest i can find is 34.89 for the 360.


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    have you dealt with this company before? are they any good?

    Sendit - absolutely no problems with them at all. Good retailer.

    hold on i know that asda will do a good deal a 3 day thing


    hold on i know that asda will do a good deal a 3 day thing

    Could you expand a bit more

    a 3 day thing for pro evo or a 3 day thing for whole store

    well they did one for Fifa 07, for 3 days at release not sure about 360 though, and that was £25 (ish) on the PS2.

    at the moment it comes up as 41.97 at asda.

    Didn't Sainsburys end up winning the temporary price war on Fifa 07, think it actually hit 22.97 at one point - apparently all the indies were stocking up on them


    hold on i know that asda will do a good deal a 3 day thing

    how long after game launch would this 3 day thing be on. I was looking to flutter along to my asda on thursday night and buy one when it hits midnight and play it all night :-D, no lessons on friday

    Asda will put then out when it hits midnight right?

    [SIZE=2]well if they are open then they should really, as that is the release date,[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=2]the 3 day thing started on the friday and ran through the weekend.[/SIZE]

    I use Gamestracker to find the cheapest available prices for a game, Pro Evo 6 HERE. I have noticed that the place i ordered Pro Evo 6 from,, isnt listed on there anymore as it certainly was a few weeks ago. Foxy still have it on their site as £33.75 though. Strange... Its getting me worried about the reliability of Foxy

    Gamestation are doind a good deal at moment

    360 Premium +2nd wireless controller + pgr3 for £279.99

    They are basically giving you 2nd pad + pgr3 for nothing when other shops charge £20 for this

    You can also buy any other game in store for £30 when buying this deal

    I.E: fifa or [COLOR="Red"]pro evo[/COLOR] [COLOR="red"]+ pgr3+console +2 wireless [/COLOR][COLOR="red"]joypads for £310[/COLOR]

    You can get this deal instore or online

    Oh also 3% through quidco will take it down to roughly £301 :-D

    Sorry I made a mistake. I was going to add a marshall ward voucher to thread but didn`t read it right

    asda doing this for £25 atm... jut picked 1 up, i think tomo is the last day though, and was on ps2 format, sorry
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