Found 16th Aug 2010
I was just wondering if anyone had played it yet. I have a code and am just itching to get on the ps3 and play it. Gotta wait for the soaps to finish though 


how did u get a code??

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Signed up on there website and my bros mate new 1 one of the people who works for konami and pushed mine and my bros application through. Sound

plz tell me how it is.
i want 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
4 xbox 360
but i missed it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

also does your bro live with you?
if so the why do you need 2?
give one to me????]

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Nah we live apart. Sorry. Would love to give one but it's precious to me. Apparently it's an online master league I'm trying out and I have to give my comments after. Damn the east benders and corrie

isn't there any more available??????

so, how is it?
Cn't you redeem the code, play it and then pass it on?

ahhh anyone got a spare 360 one

thats what i want but there are none left
shame, i really wanted to try it out.
is there gonna be anotha Beta? if so tell us and get your brothers friend to get us some codes!!!!!!!

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Been playing it tonight it's a good game, kinda like iss used to be on the playstation 1 but better. Tackling is hard to be fair but the animations are spot on. Canne wait for it

is there gonna be another beta?
please share!!!!!!!!!
and can't you ask your brothers friend for just 1 more xbox 360 code??

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I don't know his mate so nah and like someones said they have all gone

so is it betta than fifa 11?
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