i seen a lineup somehwree of someone having like all the top players - surtely he must have cheated - how do u do it?

ebay has these mad coin sellers but surely they must have a way around this?

also with pro evo - anyone got a full updated save file with proper names etc?


For the line up, you havent really explained youself? Are we talking online? As for that, im not sure. I was playing fifa with a m8 a few weeks ago, playing against liverpool and thier teams stats were above 95! So we asked how he did it. He sent a message back, giving a load of lip and then said he cheated the end of it, but he didnt say how! So we had no idea how he did this. It must of been something to do with the adidas live update system. As im guessing that would be easier to rig than the actual game.

And for pro you can get pretty much get all of the names and kits by downloading the option files from the net. Try, gamefaqs for example. Most option files are different, with the kits, some better, some worse.

PESFan have an awesome update, you have to register on their site but well worth it, very impressive.

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any knowhow on how to get the teams?

i dont want tp pay some guy on ebay like £10 for a few players

I just want a good creative midfielder/striker

just edit them in the players section to increas stats etc and use the transfres to put all of the best players into your team.


ive a 99 99 99 team on fifa ultimate team

u need to train them

on fifa you can transfer players and then play an unranked online game against someone. for example you could choose real madrid and transfer ronaldo, kaka and benzema etc to the team then play unranked online vs someone
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