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Found 10th Jan 2011
Hi there, Im looking for some advice and help on how to get a proffesional image of products you see on websites and online stores?
what I want to know is do I need to buy a fancy camera or just have a particualar software? Any help would be much appreciated.


What sort of items/pictures?

If you mean small items in a lightbox then you may be ok with a cheapish camera and a lightbox with some sharpening post processing.

You would need to be a little more specific though, examples?

White background items (small) usually in light box.
Black background (use sheet or cloth).
The aim is not to cast a shadow so, 2 flash units work best or a light box which diffuses all the light in the image.

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there are a few small items so a light box would be perfect thanks for that. What about some which are bigger, the items specific are just normal general stuff just making some promotional posters and crappy pictures is the last thing I need. In terms of camera is 12m ok?

I wouldn't get bogged down in megapixels, my camera 'only' has 8 or so, but I would guess it takes much better pictures than yours due to the size of the sensor.

If it's to take pictures of items you are hoping to sell to the public or encourage them to visit your shop etc. then I would look at an entry level DSLR. Canon 500d, Sony A230 or whatever the Nikon one is.

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