Probably silly question but.........

    How do I get back to the page I was viewing after posting a reply?

    I always use my back button but then my comment does not appear?

    I am sure there should be another way please?



    it should automatically take you to page viewing after you have replied

    F5 to refresh?

    or look on the right hand side of the main page for "Your Recent Activity " and all you have posted on are there:thumbsup:


    you dont leave the page to post a reply, not sure what you mean


    F5 to refresh?

    This is what I do!

    mine refreshes automatically, your comment will of been posted but when you press back it does not show as your computer has already loaded the page previously

    Original Poster

    Oh thanks everyone I had forgotten I had asked this as I found that it does put the comments on the page when I go back but will also try F5.
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