Probate - land registry forms AP1 & AS1 advice/help needed ;)

Found 12th Oct 2012
I need to complete land registry forms AP1 and AS1 to transfer the title deeds of the property to my name.

I've contacted a few solicitors but with being on a tight budget at the moment!! and some quoting £200 omg for 2 forms

Has anyone got conveyancing/legal expertise or past knowledge to help me complete these (as the land registry states the forms "are used most frequently by members of the public" and in most cases as solicitor is not necessarily required)?

Links in first post.. Any help would be greatly appreciated
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I know many people in my type of work have to deal with these, A land surveyor may be able to help you and would probably charge considerably less than £200.

My mortgage company completed this for me when i paid off my mortgage. Try cab?
I had to complete an AP1 with the Land Registry recently, and emailed their customer service department. They were really helpful, and told me exactly what I needed to do without a solicitor.
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