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Found 29th Dec 2015
Hi i have a problem when connecting two smart tv's to my computer using ps3 media server as they play for a while then crash will a nas system be better than my pc and will the gui look the same?


No, you're just doing the same stuff. Your smart TV should play most formats right out of the box. But I've still no idea why people still encode divx when xvid does the same but without the headache of playback licences. PS3 Media server is only good for streaming MKVs now due to subs and chapter breaks. Your TV covers a shed load of codecs so I'd look to see what your TV supports.

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that's not the problem it plays everything i throw at it fine but when i start to use another smart tv in the house it all freezes due to both using the same pc and hard drive

Sounds more like a bandwidth limitation. Are you using wireless ?

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im using wired and im on 152mb @ 9ms

Broadband speed doesn't matter you're using your internal network only. I'm assuming at least 100mbit wired Ethernet between host and both smart TVs. At least a quad core CPU for transcoding MKV's on the fly.

You could try Plex or Universal Media Server. Other options are the native file sharing software that comes with your TV. i.e. Allshare.
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