Problem logging into Quidco off Mozilla

    For the past week i have not been able to sign into Quidco via my usual browser(firefox). Although It is allowing me via Opera.

    Has anyone else experienced any problems?:-D


    im on firefox, seems ok for me

    Original Poster

    Thanks lou

    Its definately the right log in info as i can log onto it via my Opera browser, but i use firefox and i only use the opera browser when im making a purchase.

    Im not sure what i have done wrong

    i only use firefox for quidco, and i keep in logged on so i logged out to check
    all is fine


    youve not got caps locked?

    Original Poster

    MMMM no lou, no to caps lock. I just tried again my log in info is already in the boxes and it is right. i press log in its clicks goes as if its loading a new page then comes back to the front page again. It doesnt even come up with an error message. Frustrating the hell out of me!!!

    pc's can be very strange sometimes.....a bit like men!!

    tho i must say i get more fun, and obedience from my pc!

    im sure a techie will give suggestions, my knowledge is limited im afraid

    Original Poster

    lol @ lou.:giggle: :giggle: :giggle:
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