Problem networking between Windows 7 laptop and desktop

    Laptop was networking fine before but I formatted hard drive and installed Windows 7 since I got an upgrade disc.

    Problem is now both pc's register they are connected to a network but wont show up on each other.


    Did you switch on file sharing and have it set as a private network

    What Windows is your desktop running? Windows 7 and earlier windows do not like networking together.



    What Windows is your desktop running? Windows 7 and earlier windows do … What Windows is your desktop running? Windows 7 and earlier windows do not like networking together.

    absolute rubbish. They work fine together.

    OP - Are you trying to use HomeGroup or just normal networking? Things to check... Simple file sharing enabled yes/no? guest account enabled yes/no? at least read access to the folder you want to share, on an enabled account?

    Check the workgroup for each computer to ensure they match up and as super_cds has said, ensure file sharing is enabled.
    I have Win7, Win Vista & Win XP all networked together fine, so Plum is wrong saying they don't like eachother.

    Yeh, make sure they're both in the same Workgroup, and the same for the HomeGroup, if you're using it.


    absolute rubbish.

    Rude as usual.:x

    Plum is wrong saying they don't like each other.

    How a normal person communicates.:thumbsup:

    I assumed the Op knew how to setup a network as it sounded he already have it running.
    In setting up a laptop with Windows 7 I found there were various issues, one being the machines not seeing each other easily. When I looked into it at the time there seemed to be problems running Windows 7 and xp on the same network. I myself was unable at the time to get a printer to network although I have done it countless times in the past.

    That is why I said do not like to rather than cannot. Should have been more careful with my wording as their are some people on the forum who love to insult at an opportunity

    I also disagree - I've had no problems getting Windows XP and 7 machines talking to each other (I have a mixed network of XP, 7, Vista and Linux machines all talking to each other), Vista/7 tend to be more protective of their shares by default so you simply need to ensure you have the settings correct to allow the sharing.

    To the OP - make sure you have the network settings correct to allow sharing, by default Windows Vista/7 will tend to lock down the files more than XP did - in network settings you'll find a set of options to choose whether sharing is enabled and how shares should be access. Also try accessing the machine shares directly through [URL="file://\\machine_name"]\\machine_name[/URL] as that tends to be more reliable.


    Ryouga, you ain't getting an ID 10 T error by any chance are you? :?




    Rude as usual.:x

    Rude, but concise, and factually accurate.

    And even with your climbdown - you are still wrong. They work fine with each other. Theres no "don't like" and theres no half measures - you are making it up as you go along.

    I was rude because I believe that if you don't know what you are talking about, you should leave well alone, rather than coming out with incorrect and misleading information.

    John/birdy... give it up and move on, he'll just continually backtrack and change his statement rather than admit he was posting garbage - see other threads for details.


    I also disagree - John

    Again a normal polite and clear post :thumbsup:

    your climbdown - rather than admit he was posting garbage -

    Again rude and macho post. :x

    A forum is for people to discuss topics. If my view is wrong and I post it, then what happens is people disagree and the Op can make a decision based on the information they give and learn something about the topic. I may also learn that my view was wrong and gain some knowledge in the process.
    I am happy to accept that if it is the case in this or any other instance.

    However you seem to want a forum of bullying, where people are scared to post unless they have every detail in stone and willing to "fight a corner" for it. This macho rubbish is what damages this forum and in the end does nothing but feed your displayed personality failures.
    I am sure this will elicit another, possibly even ruder reply from you. However fyi it is my last response in this thread as I will leave it for the real topic to progress.

    Good luck Op.


    People should be nervous (rather than scared) of posting if they don't have a clue what they are talking about.
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