Problem registering with Club Nintendo

    Hi all
    Bought my Wii a month or so back but have been so busy playing on it I have only just got round to trying to put my codes in to register at club nintendo. It won't let me register though as when I get to the second bit where you put in the security code it just keeps telling me to enter the correct one but I know I am! Have tried about 10 times now with a couple of different pin codes but no luck - has anyone else had problems here? Do I just wait & try again another time?


    I've not been able to either :-( would be interesting to know if anyone has any advice? I even emailed them about a month ago & they still haven't got back to me!!

    Try having caps lock on when typing the code,,

    Also if code has got a letter O in make sure you are typing it correct as it could be a number 0 which as you can see from the 2 they are diferent(letter O more rounder than the slimmer number 0)

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    Have tried 3 different codes, with caps lock on & off, O's & 0's etc etc but cannot get registered. Have tried on 3 different days just incase there were site probs but I don't know... Most frustrating!
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