Problem running new pc game! Help !

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Found 8th Mar 2007
Hi all , i just bought star wars battlefront 2 , i have installed the game and when i try to run it i get the msg - A required security module cannot be activated, This programme cannot be executed. Please sum1 help!, ive been googling for past hour tryin to figure this out and im going crazy!!!!


have you updated your video card drivers?

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Downloading the newest driver just now, hopefully will sort it!

Good luck.

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Prayed it would work, but no such luck!

Try uninstall and reinstall game?

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Tried :-(

Have you closed down all other programs that are running in the background, even go so far as disconnecting from the net, and turning off zonealarm etc

Than tried it? I had a problem once with a game which would not run when zonealarm was on...

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This is killing me! LOL , unistalled zonealarm , reisntalled the game and stopped all programs running in background and still not working!

Are you running the game on an account with administrator rights?

I had trouble when I installed a game on my sons user, which doesn't have full rights.

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All i know is, after i install the game and go to start game i get the message - A required security module cannot be activated, This programme cannot be executed. Then terminates the startup.

have you got any disk emulation software running in the background ?

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Not that i know of.

Emmas link is for if you are tring to run a copied version.

If you google for your error message, there are lots of places with info.

One I found said to try this workaround

1) locate the battlefrontII.exe then right click mousebutton on it
2) select properties and click compatibility Tab
3) Tick "run this program in compatibilty mode for: and select windows 2000
4) click apply and ok
5) run game and enjoy

Hope that works for you.

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BOBBAJOB U R A HERO! , finally just seen your post and sorted it! THANX!
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