Problem with 3 Internet

    I've had the 3 Internet add-on on my phone for the last 6 weeks and it's been great, unfortunately yesterday it stopped working, many calls and arguments with 3 cs resulted in it not getting fixed and also not admitting I had a problem!

    I can now only access the internet if I go through the 3 portal first and use google search to find the site and visit a wap/mobile version of the site only.

    I can no longer use the "web" option on my handset, I type in an address and it just times out.

    There's definitely a problem as it also times out on external links that 3 place in their portal internet section.

    anyone else having a problem?

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    Just finished my 18 month contract with them for similar reasons. The stupid woman in a certain call centre could not find Gatwick on her map, so she asked me what the next biggest town was :whistling: I was so impressed, the phone sat in the draw for the last year and a half. They are cra* would not recommend them to anyone. Use your 14 day program to cancel the order, good luck but I guess your stuck with it.

    Hint - drop it and ask them to replace it, drop the sim into your coffee and tell them it's broken as well. :x play badminton with it :giggle:
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