Found 22nd May 2007
I purchased an xbox 360 from the for sale wanted board. Worked brilliantly for about 5 days, now has the dreaded 3 red lights. I dont expect a guarentee but i do expect it to last more than 5 days. I have the address and mobile number of the guy have tried pm them phoning them but no reply. Help what can I do?

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Is it out of warranty?

(check the manufacture date)

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[SIZE=2]made on the 20-10-2005 so wont be repaied then. I just think its poor of the seller to do this.[/SIZE]

He probably didn't know it was gonna break. May just be unfortunate!

what if they gave the console to you whilst never having any problems with it?
I can understand your point of view, and i'd be annoyed too.
But, i can't see much way of getting it repaired without paying your self. =(

-edit- must have posted the same time as jaybird.

I have to agree with the comment JayBird said - The seller was did not know that it was going to break, it just happens. I'm sorry that you payed a lot of money for this to happen so soon, and hope it is resolved quickly


[SIZE=2]made on the 20-10-2005 so wont be repaied then. I just think its … [SIZE=2]made on the 20-10-2005 so wont be repaied then. I just think its poor of the seller to do this.[/SIZE]

I suppose thats the problem with buying s/h hardware, Its impossible to judge if its on its last legs untill it actually breaks.

I'd try phoning Microsoft and keep nagging for it to be repaired they probably will as a "good will gesture"

Oh., As for not getting through on the mobile, It sounds like the seller has gone to America?

One of the many catches when purchasing second hand...

You know you are purchasing second hand goods and you take the risk, which is why you don't shell out for new with warranty etc

Sorry this had to happen, but you should know the risks involved, especially with an Xbox 360...

I bought mine 2nd hand and it died too, but luckily I was within warranty by about 3 months.

I would suggest contacting Microsoft and just kicking off about it, you may get somewhere (someone else I know got a brand spanker, even out of warranty).

So its 1 year from manufactre date, thats terrible what if its on shelf in store for 6 months.

Then again I though it came with a 2 year warranty?

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[SIZE=2]If the seller did not know then thats fine but if the seller is in the country then it would be good of him to contact me just to let me know what is going on[/SIZE]

No offence there isn't much boybetterknow can do.

I'm sure he sold it in good faith that it was fully working, But its sods law it broke.

Just out of interest is/was the Xbox 360 well ventilated? and how long had it been running for?

also it could be a scam he did on you? maybe? use the towel trick as a quick fix!

but people on this forum aren't like that so ignore me :-D :giggle:

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I may have used it for 6-8 hours it is in a well ventilated place. All i can do i suppose is ask to have the recipt as the microsof site states that its 1 year after purchase date so hopefully its within the year but unlikly though

Being manufactured late 2005 means theres probably a good chance it is only just out of warranty, I'd imagine Microsoft will repair for free.

Sorry to hear bout your xbox 360 - hope you can get it fixed mate.


Sales of Good act = product must last a reasonable time?

Surely Xbox 360 should last more than 18 months.

Get receipt and take back to shop????

Yeh i sold my Xbox 360 to a guy from where i come from just before my holiday, its now coming up "read disc error" on the screen,

I know for a fact there was absolutely nothing wrong with it when i sold it to the guy, this is just something that happens with these consoles.

I have sent you a pm mshtel.

Perhaps after awhile an xbox 360 doesn't like being moved?

Its unfortunate, but its the exact reason that if I buy secondhand, it has to be in warranty and with the reciept.

A rather costly lesson learned here. I hope you didnt pay too much for the machine mate.

Remove the front bezel from the front of the 360. You do this by putting your hand in the usb compartment and pull it off.

There should be a microsoft hologram sticker over a join. Is that still intact?

If not chances are its been modded.

With modded xboxs being banned on live now. Buying a 2nd hand 360 is a no go if u want to play on live.

a new one is only £149.99 with the boots deal, as unfortunate as your situation is, this is a reason to spend a bit more to get better security. Hope it works out for you!

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Thanks to everybody who offered help on this matter. Generally I dont buy consoles second hand for just this reason. Never bourght one before will not buy again. Ill make it clear now why I did go for this console.
Premium 2 wireless controllers and call of duty 3 for 170 delivered. so to be fair a brilliant price (except for it not working)

you could always sell the console and powerpack separate as spares/breaking on ebay and use the recouped money to buy a core ?

There was a youtube video posted on here (i think) that showed a solution for the 3 red lights. - Honestly! - it involved a pretty hefty whack to the machine, (with the guys hand - not a hammer) and when switched back on - the machine booted fine.

Might be worth it if all else fails!
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