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    Hi i was just wondering if anybody has used this site and had any problems?
    I ordered two car seat bases on the 29/07 and when i check the status it has allways shown pending. I have phoned them and only get a fax machine noise and emailed them twice and get no reply. I have looked on the order confirmation email that they sent me on the 29th and they say that they will contact you within 48hrs if they have a problem and will deliver in 7 days max. I am pretty desperate for the stuff as the baby is only days away.



    6 Comments…com someone has commented badly on there

    I havent heard of them and couldnt really find much else about them - not even a number on saynoto0870 or anything.

    Sorry I would keep emailing them - if they know you are not going away they may do something about it

    If they have taken your money from CC, then why not contact your bank and ask them to deal with it - explain that the goods havent been delivered and it is not possible to get in touch with the company

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    Thanks for the info. They took the money straight away. Luckily i paid via Credit Card so if i do not here anything by monday i will phone the bank.


    Here's some more info and alternative phone numbers too:

    Registrant: JKUK 491 - 497 bitterne road east Southampton, Hampshire SO18 … Registrant: JKUK 491 - 497 bitterne road east Southampton, Hampshire SO18 5EQ UK Domain name: BABIES247.COM Administrative Contact: Thornley, Ross ][IMG][/IMG] 30 Portchester Road Bournemouth, Dorset BH8 8JY UK 01202468866 Technical Contact: Technical, Host Europe ][IMG][/IMG] Portland Street Beeston Nottingham, Nottinghamshire NG9 2LP UK +44.1159170000 Fax: +44.1158770213

    The technical bit is's information i think

    Because i know their technical base is in beeston

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    cheers for the help/info. I will try tomorrow.:thumbsup:

    The name of this company rings a bell. The lady I used to share an office with was heavily pregnant with twins and ordered a jané powertwin from them for which they took the money straight away but yet she didn't hear anything from them. In the end she finally managed to get hold of someone at one of their shops who told her they would refund her money as they couldn't get hold of the guy who owned the company (or something like that). I could be wrong but pretty sure it was that company.
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