Problem With Couch

    We bought a corner sofa some time ago, the thing is comfy as hell, but we are at our wits end with one thing;

    The cushion that you sit on, slips right off everytime you sit down, there is one large cushion to sit on, but it is nigh impossible to sit down and get comfy without the thing slipping off...

    Question is, how can we fix it without buying a new suite? Zipper? Velcro? what would people suggest?


    I used ]this for slipping car mats so should do the trick a treat.

    velcro, you can get stick on velcro that is really strong, no need for the iron or sewing which would be rather difficult on a sofa cushion, it's really strong, holds about 5kg per cm square, available in supermarkets for a few pounds.
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