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Found 25th Jul
I sold a ds on ebay for £50 after buyer recived the item they put in for a refund I try contacting them with no reply's and paypal are holding my money. I contacted ebay and they say that as i have done everything correctly buyer not entitled to refund and i have to wait til 1st of aug to get my money back from paypal is this normal?
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Are you a new seller? Looks like you have to wait for the dispute date which is normal.
Not a lot of detail to go on.

Has the buyer opened a case and if so, is it a return or a SNAD (significantly not as described) case and is it on eBay or Paypal?
Surprised you managed to sell a DS for £50 in the 1st place. Thought they were around £15-£20 with games.
sorry was 3ds
it was opened on ebay but paypal holding money im not a new seller over 200 feedback the ebay rep said i will get my money back but also no info on ebay when case will close but the ebay rep said 1st aug
Have they put the claim in directly via paypal and not via ebay? if so, give paypal a ring and maybe send them a copy of your delivery confirmation? maybe also worth checking paypal resolution centre for any details?
So has the buyer opened a dispute or is it that eBay are holding the funds as you're a relatively new seller.

If it's because you're a new seller then you'll just have to wait until the date has passed or positive feedback has been received (if that's still one of the triggers).
It a dispute on ebay I got over 200 fb will check PayPal

There no option for extra options like when case to close only to view dispute details
What's the reason for the dispute
Keep in mind that eBay and PayPal normally side with the buyer no matter what they tell you before the final decision date. They will normally get you to accept the return request and once you do that you have to refund or eBay will refund on your behalf in the end.
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What's the reason for the dispute


Unless you give some fundamental answers no one can help.

What is the reason for the dispute - this is very important and will mean either you or the buyer pay returns postage depending on the reason for opening.
"they say that as i have done everything correctly buyer not entitled to refund" - sounds like you've got it all covered so what's the issue?
hi sorted it with ebay live chat they closed case and got my money back
I sold as new Xbox controller on eBay. Day or two before buyers rights ended they put refund claim in saying it didn’t work. By this time they’d had it for weeks. They sent it back to me eBay refunded them from my money etc. Controller was in a right state. Worked perfectly still but was covered in grubby greasy prints with food jammed down the button sides. Good job eBay. Complained/ submitted pics - got refund and kept/ cleaned sold on controller. Not keen on selling for anything other than cash now.
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