problem with ebay purchase and royal mail

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Found 3rd Sep 2010
Hi i bought a new phone of someone and and the seller sent it to the 2nd address instead of the one i arranged on paypal, this wasnt realy a problem as somone was there to take the delivery, i checked on royal mail tracking and it said they tried to deliver and the said they left a not which they didnt, i was going to collect the phone tomorrow but now on the tracking it says the item is being returned to sender!!!

what should i do now as the seller is a little on the slow side on replying to messages i have sent him yet before i bought it of them they were very fast as replying- usual story huh

should i wait on a another reply? more waiting i guess


Contact the seller...... that's the only thing you can do... (unless you want to get paypal dispute involved if the seller does not re-send it or refund you minus postage costs.)

RM will hold a parcel for 14 days before returning to sender. Did you not call your local sorting office up to try and trace the item earlier ?

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yeh they were closed when i got there so i said i would collect it tomorrow, so they have only had it 2 day, seems crazy there sending it back to sender already

Contact the seller, explain the situation, also have a moan at Royal Mail and see if they can help you tomorrow morning.

Im a posty, If it was refused (someone said you didnt live there) we return it that day. If we attempted and you wasnt in you have 3 weeks to collect (1 week if its a special delivery). How was it sent to you?


Im a posty, If it was refused (someone said you didnt live there) we … Im a posty, If it was refused (someone said you didnt live there) we return it that day.

Thats a good point...

YOu also might not be covered with paypal as the phone was not sent to confirmed paypal address, correct me if i am wrong.

I'm correcting you lol
If it's returned to sender paypal will refund you as there is no proof you have the item and there is proof it's back with the sender

The emphisis is on the seller to ensure the item gets delivered to paypal address not down to you. You will win the case if a dispute is opened as the seller has no proof the item got delivered to you... so dont worry. Id contact the seller and get him to resend to confirmed address at HIS expense... if no contact with him in a couple of days open a dispute anyway and msg him telling its for you own security and will close when situation is sorted out.
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