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    not really sure what the problem is, but my girlfriend is blaming me for a log in popup that pops up on her phone every so often when she clicks the button which automatically enters my email as the user name. she was being grumpy so i don't have any more details. anyone know what she was on about and how to stop it? its most likely the itunes thing as thats the only occasion where i put my email in


    here take a look at this!




    here take a look at this! please dont forget rep! … here take a look at this! please dont forget rep! ]

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    [COLOR="DarkOliveGreen"]So OP, from what i understand you are either being asked for a wireless password - or HTML login box for a wifi hotspot, or more likely, a itunes store password.

    I suspect its the latter, and this could be because you perhaps bought an app for her at some point? If she has tried to download a large app, and had signal issues etc and the download didn't complete, the iphone can get itself in a bit of a mess, and keep asking for a username and password - probably yours if that was the last login.

    Try going to Settings (the icon on springboard, NOT within the app store or itunes store) --> Store --> Log out

    then once that is complete, go same again, and Login with her account.

    That should solve it.[/COLOR]

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    thanks a lot. sounds about right, i remember attempting to download an app but it never did. i'll tell her that. thanks bud

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    here take a look at … here take a look at this!]

    thanks but not what i'm looking for
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