Problem with jailbreaking a apple itouch

Hi i have just follwed the Blackra1n and the jailbreak part works but when i turn my phone off then on it get the logo on the screen with the plug and itunes and so i have to plug it back in and use the Blackra1n software again

is there a way around this please?

im using software version 3.1.2



No, Its a tethered jailbreak as you have the new bootroom. (The new i touches/phones have this)
It may change if another exploit is released but probably not for months.

A quick google and you would have found this

to elaborate alittle more on amzmalhotra's comment, tethered jailbreak means that every time the ipod runs out of battery or you turn the ipod off, when you switch it back you will be faced with the image of the disk and usb cable, this is nothing to worry about simply hook your ipod upto your pc again and run blackra1n thats it everything will be as it was, its only until they find a proper exploit which I personally dont think that they will until firmware 4.0 gets released later in the year.
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