Problem with LG Tv

1st post so be nice please?
I've had a LG TV for 3 weeks now. Last night I switched it on and went to adjust the volume & it switched off. This happens with the 2 remotes that came with it, my SKY remote and when using the panel on the TV itself. I've e-mailed LG and the place I bought it from but I was hoping someone on here could give me any assistance too.



do a new factory reset,

we have a lg tv and the sam thing happened to us last night and the night before. last night it switched off all together for no reason and the night before we couldnt turn the volume up or down or use the remotes, we went to the tv to use the buttons on the tv and they wouldnt work either, we ended up switching the whole thing of at the wall and switching it back on, seemed to do the the trick. to be honest i thought our tv was starting to go as ours is 3yrs old, but maybe its not.

LG....well you will buy Lower Grade....shoulda gotta PANA

Are you sure your not pushing the standby button instead of the volume button? (_;)
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