problem with monitor.

    Hey guys n gals.
    my monitors gone a bit funny there is a black line one side with a line of blue at the edfe of the monitor. i cant adjust the screen when i try it just acts as if that side of the monitor isnt there. ive tried restartiing!
    help :O


    Try another cable?


    try installing correct drivers for the monitor and then adjusting the resolution..

    I would try a new cable if it's not permantly attached, my old monitor used to go purple cos the cable was knackered and it was fixed so i had to buy a new monitor!

    Assumin you've got an LCD monitor, it's probably just become faulty. Rule out a driver issue by booting the system up and pressing whatever key it is that takes you into the BIOS setup (or, alternatively, stick the Windows Installer Disc in and load that up). If the issue remains, it's nothing to do with Windows. Swap a cable as the good folks have said to rule that out, and finally, rule out the graphics card by sawpping the monitor to a different system. If that's not possible, pull the signal cable until the little CABLE NOT CONNECTED message box comes up, and if it's the type that bounces around the screen, wait for it to make its way to an affected area to see if the issue remains.

    Chances are, you're going to want a new monitor.

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    right there is no VGA cable at back of monitor. it is just a cable coming out that ends with the VGA plug.
    it looks like the pixels are dead.
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