Problem with my K850i

    I've had this phone just under 3 months, got it nae long after it came out. Bit disappointed - recently the touch screen buttons have been iffy on 2 occassions working themselves - well entering menu's etc without my touch. This hasn't happened all the time so have kind of blown it off and forgotten about it.

    However it was working perfectly fine until tonight - went out for a meal to celebrate end of Uni exams and went to text a pal when i noticed it wasn't on. So i tried turning it on didnt work, took the battery out & tried again still wouldn't work when i got back in nae long ago i popped it on charge just incase lastnight it didn't get a proper one charge - still nothing.

    What im wondering is has anyone else had any similar problems? It's so i know where i stand, im on a pay monthly contract with o2 which is paid via a direct debt, i have no insurance (wasn't going to pay the price each month they were asking), phones obviously still under warranty but im wondering what leg have i got to stand on so to speak.

    I did have a Sony Ericsson a few years back but changed back to my perferred Nokia make, now beginning to question why i've changed back to a SE.

    Any help/info will be appreciated


    you have a years warranty on the phone regardless of insurance.give them a call and they will issue with a claim number and send you out an envelope to send it back.they will then send you a replacement phoneusually a refurb.this normally happens very quickly.i had a fault with my k850 and i was sent a new phone in a couple of days.

    My k850 was full of bugs until i upgraded the firmware a week or so ago - seems fine now - not sure if the battery drains quicker though?

    just to note that with 3 it is actually 2 years warranty on this phone, not one. Don't know about other networks. Mine also had to go back to 3 but it is now working beautifully and is by far trh ebest phone i've had. Skype and internet connections fast and easy. Glad I have 2 years warranty though...

    all sony ericsson phones come with 2year guarantee
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