Found 8th Apr 2009
This is hard to describe but here goes:

My xbox works for some games and doesnt for others.

The game loads, you can go around the game selecting menus etc. also you can play around on the dashboard but when it comes to the game play it crashes.

for example with fifa 09 you can choose a match and teams but once the game has loaded and just before you get onto the game it crashes.

Some games work such as pro evo that works fine you can play a match no problem. Not sure whats up with it so took it to a shop they said it maybe the laser and it may need re aligning. has anybody else had a problem like this or know how to fix it ? dont really wanna go back to a shop as they say it will cost £40 just to re align the laser.



rrod it then send off to ms for a new /refurb one... (if its in warranty)

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rrod it then send off to ms for a new /refurb one... (if its in warranty)

unfortunatly its not in warranty, how do you rrod it anyway ?

By using the towel mod... basically involved turning ur 360 on whilst its wrapped in a towel lol... Sounds kinda dangerous to me

Not an ideal solution, but try running the game from the HDD?

U tried clearing the Cache from ur HDD? may help Goto memory details press Y on HDD then press x,x,LB,RB,x,x a screen will pop up saying are you sure you want to carry out Maintenance on HDD accept it and Cache is cleared this fixed a problem for me before:thumbsup:

NOTE* This will also delete any game updates but will just be installed again next time you play that game ( it will not delete game content or Arcade games)
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