problem with p.c. gears of war key

    i bought pc gears of war. But I am having problems with the key. I think I have been given an xbox live key instead. Where should I have found it? Says something about not being able to save the game without selecting a profile.

    Shouldn't have bought from Microsoft ! ! ! Ever tried to email them?

    anyone assist ? Otherwise it back to the shop.

    Thanks for looking


    Seems odd, did you check you put the code in properly?

    should be on the back of the manual.

    Original Poster


    should be on the back of the manual.

    sorry not in the manual, should have it been?

    Original Poster

    last page keyboard & mouse

    Have you created a profile? I thought with Games for Windows you needed a Live account or similar?

    Original Poster

    yes i created a live account. that was fine. but when i tried to play the game came up invalid key!!!
    thanks for trying to help....

    for those who have the game, was it supplied with a product & 1month xbox gold trial activation code, because thats all I have and I have activated the trial only....

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    i cant believe no one has the game....plse help...
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