problem with pc monitor display when booting up

Hi for some strange reason when i turn my pc up to boot it goes completly black as it gets to desktop and all i can see is the arrow,after 1 or 2 min then i can see everything,just wondering if its a driver issue,im running my monitor through dvi



if its XP it does that but should only be a second at most. i suggest running defrag etc and see if that makes any difference

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im using vista,it only goes black once on full boat with everything loaded

if you have one card in your agp/pci express slot on and one on the mobo, remove the agp/pci card. And boot into vista on the mobo graphics uninstall your graphics card download the latest for the other card, reboot with the card back in and install the new graphics card.

if the arrow is there it's not a video card issue, sounds more like you have a lot of programs starting up or slow hdd access.
use msconfig/startup to remove unnecess stuff and report back
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