problem with sky hd

    The sky ha gone funny. when you push select and look to see what on next it says further sechules not avaible, it says this on bbc1,itv1,ch5 watch and so on. Some channels let you see whats on. but need to record stuff later while watching something else. it is a thomas hd box


    have you tried switching it off and on again

    Mine is fine, try switching off & on

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    not yet. mum is watching the crappy soaps will try that in the break


    try this at your own risk of course:

    Your box must be connected to a correctly aligned satellite dish to receive any updates. This should not be performed if you have signal strength issues. It’s also worth connecting the box to a TV for confirmation of the update. The phone-line need not be connected.

    1. Put your box into standby.
    2. For Sky+ or Sky+HD, wait until the box itself is silent. This allows the hard disk to spin down and the fan/s to switch off.
    3. Remove mains power from the box (ie pull the plug from the wall or remove the mains cable from the back of the box).
    4. Wait 2 minutes. (It’s debatable how necessary this is. If you speak to Sky they may tell you to remove and re-insert your card, and to disconnect and re-connect your satellite feeds at this point. Personally, I think this is just filler to make sure you’ve waited a short period of time before continuing.)
    5. Press and hold the Backup button on the front panel of your box (ie not the one on the remote).
    6. With the button pressed, re-apply mains power (ie plug it in again).
    7. Continue to hold Backup until you see the front panel LEDs illuminate and/or an on-screen message explaining that the box is being updated.

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    got it. thanks switch off. pulled the power cord then rebooted

    Could possibly be an intermittent issue with Dish Input 2. Can check it on the Signal page (Services -> 0 -> 4)

    I had that problem and the odd channel would block, call sky out and the engineer said it was the tuner in the back of the box and it's common. I didn't pay for the engineer just tell them you want to cancel and they will send someone out free
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