Problem with sound on my TV

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Found 11th Feb 2008
I've got a TV DVD combo thats a few years old now

When I watch TV or a DVD the sound is fine. However, when I turn the TV to AV to use the Xbox the sound is slightly muted. I do get some sound through but it can be hard hearing voices etc on certain games

Anybody got any ideas whats wrong with it & if its fixable?


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is the scart connection ok?

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yeah that seems to be fine

Ive hooked up a playstation2 and xbox 360 and have had the same problem with both

every now and again the sound will blast through as clear but only for a few minutes and then will go muted again

its really annoying as its spoliling the plots of many games because I cant hear whats going on!!!


sounds like your AV input socket has a loose connection.
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