Problem with squirrels

    Have an area in my back garden with bird feeders and stuff in,however getting destroyed at the moment squirrels.

    Anyone any ideas for discouraging them/keeping them away

    Oh and please no mad cows in this thread,thankyou


    They are rather hard to skin but what's inside is very nice to eat. It's like a slightly firmer, textured chicken and less strongly flavoured than rabbit and great with mayo dip.

    Wear tighter boxers the squirells will find it harder to get to nibble your nuts then



    Oh and please no mad cows in this thread,thankyou.

    I LOL!!!:p

    Oi harlzter - you had two bites yourself there!!!

    I think Walkers are giving good money for them at the moment!!!

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    playtime over.......this may help … playtime over.......this may help :)

    nice one thanks…asp

    Freeze them et viola - criminal aid . . . .

    mbgringo;5239650 them et viola - … them et viola - criminal aid . . . .

    Excellent link :-D

    Chilli powder (hot) in the feeders. Birds do not mind but squirrels do.

    call the army to dispose of them
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