Problem with surround speakers - help needed!!

Just brought an Acoustic Solutions DS 1333 surround set (£10.50 off ebay!) and now having a slight issue which is this - sound is absolutely fine but when watching TV or a Movie etc if their is a period of silence then the speakers cut on and don't emit any sound again until someone starts talking etc at which point the sounds comes back. Anyone know of a way to stop this? There is a button on the remote C.s Delay and figured this may have something to do with it?

Any help would be great!! thanks


Sounds like there may be a wiring fault. Check all the connections first.

This may explain why they were on ebay . . .

Original Poster

All the connections are fine, can't see it being a wiring fault as it would have to be on both connections between the various sources I'm inputting by (optical for PS3 and Aux for my comp)
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