Posted 24 November 2023

Problem with tablet from Argos can't prove fault

I got a tablet from Argos and the screen flickers intermittently when used and when I have the device connected. I went to the Argos shop and asked for a refund and they said they can't refund without seeing the fault. Tried explaining it's intermittent but they won't accept that. It was a click and collect order. Do you think I should try making a video of the fault?
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    If it's click and collect and you paid in advance, remind them of the 14-day distance seller rule. I imagine trying a different branch or contacting HQ will work.

    If neither do, then LBA (Letter Before Action) followed by MoneyClaim Online. I'd be amazed if it went that far. Either way, you're covered and won't be out of pocket if you follow the steps
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    Update: I went to another Argos and they refunded me. Simply asked whats wrong, checked the serial number and that was it
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    I think it's upto them to prove fault within 6months and yours after. Should be clearer on consumer law.
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    Sorry mate I am clueless where can I read this?
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    Argos are terrible these days. My 18 month old TV has developed a fault and they are refusing to do anything about it. Stating that they only offer a 1 year warranty and I need to pay to get an individual report done. Nowhere does these "reports".

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    To be fair, that is within their rights, and I would expect that response when you're outside manufacturer warranty. Otherwise, consider (a) the potential losses and (b) how on earth would they sell extended warranties?

    Look for an independent repair shop and get that report done. (edited)
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    How old is the tablet?
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    I got it today at 7.45pm mate not even 5 hours old 
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    Just take it back to a different store.
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    I will tomorrow mate
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    I guess most people don't tend to use their tablet when it is charging, so it may be a design issue rather than a fault.
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    Hi mate its a fire hd tablet, and the tablet would charge when connected to a pc for example to copy things over etc...

    and it has now happened despite not being connected (edited)
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    ^^^^this im assuming you paid in advance as i dont think you have the option to pay on collection with argos
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    Personally I have never taken advantage of the Argos return policy - mainly due to me being lazy.
    (I have plenty of headphones that went faulty under warranty along with both a tumble dryer & a washing machine!)
    However I know a few people that "refresh" their hardware by abusing the generous returns policy. It seems they are clamping down and of course it always seems to impact the genuine customers!
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    What do you mean by refreshing their hardware? Their return policy isn't anything special except for 30 days change of mind and there are rules to that including:

    Your item(s) needs to be:

    • Unused and with all original components
    • In its original packaging (with the tags if applicable)
    • In a resaleable condition security seals intact (where applicable)
    • With its proof of purchase
    • With any free items that came with the product
    • Refunds will be processed by the original payment method. If you paid by card, it can take up to 5 working days to appear back in your account; with PayPal, refunds can take up to 30 days.
    Your statutory rights are not effected.

    This is fairly normal across retail. Apple have an exceptional returns policy which is you can return it even if you open it and use it.
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    If you collected it a 7.45pm yesterday how could you already have attempted to take it back or are they open 24/7 if inside a large Sainsbury's?
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    Collected it around 7.45, went back around 9 closes in Sainsbury's at 1/
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